Relevant Content Generates Sales

If you’re wondering why your direct marketing strategy isn’t working, chances are that you are not creating relevant content. Consumers are looking for services that can directly make their life easier. The problem is that so many companies are creating messaging based on their goals instead of setting goals with their consumers in mind.

We really need to get back to the basics. We’re in business to serve the public. If our public doesn’t convert, we don’t make money. We need to always need to have the mindset that we are here to make our public happy. Your business objectives should center around creating messaging that your public wants and needs. By now, you should know your consumer pretty well so you can create relevant content.

Whether you’re sending an email blast or direct mail, you’re messaging needs to be timely and relevant.  Our advice is to combine current events, issues, etc with your business goals to attract consumers. Use holidays and events to create content.  Use that content in your blog posts, email messaging, and direct mail pieces to help  generate sales. Use day-to-day issues to provide examples and reasons why your consumers need your services.