Yelp-ing to Generate Local Sales

Last week, we discussed FourSquare and generating sales. This week, we’ll cover Yelp. You are well aware that consumers research before they convert. They go to sites like Yelp, which provides business information and reviews written by users. Yelp has an average of over 102 million unique visitors. To date, Yelpers have written over 39 million reviews. So…now the question is how exactly can you utilize Yelp to generate sales. There are several answers to this.

  • From an SEO perspective, it’s another backlink. You want to diversify your links. A link from Yelp is good. Make sure that you do use keywords in your description.
  • Yelpers write reviews. Your current and new customers can write reviews  and let others know exactly how great your services really are. Yelp prohibits paid reviews. But you can encourage your current customers to write them
  • Yelp is available on desktop and mobile.  Apps are available for tablets and smartphones– Android, iOS, and Blackberry compatible. That means that people check Yelp on the go or when they’re not on their computers.
  • Once you claim your business (which is free), you can message customers and post updates.

Review sites like Yelp help generate sales by providing reviews. If you are a brick and mortar and need to generate sales, you need to make  sure to be present on Yelp. What makes this such a good option is that it is free, unless you opt to advertise on Yelp. Once you list your business on Yelp, let your clients know, list it on your website, and email campaigns.