Using #Hashtags and Keywords to Generate Sales

Facebook made an announcement that the social network will start supporting #hashtags. Twitter and Google already support hashtags along with Instagram.  Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the # symbol. They commonly are used to identify topics and trends.

Of course, businesses can use hashtags to generate sales. The first thing to understand is that hashtags are keywords. Consumers are using keywords as hashtags. When you post social media updates, use your keywords that you use in your SEO and digital marketing strategy. Use these keywords and phrases as hashtags when posting updates. Consumers use these hashtags to find what they’re looking for, which helps them find you.


The second way to use hashtags to generate sales  is by setting up search feeds. Use social networking managers like Hootsuite to set up search feeds with hashtags. This shows you all posts using that hashtag. Based on the posts, you can reach out to those individuals. It’s a grassroots approach to generate sales.

Don’t be afraid of the power of keywords and hashtags. Consumers are using them. Now you can follow suite and use hashtags to generate sales.


Power of Keywords to Generate Sales

generate salesPut on your consumer hat with me just one moment. When we are looking for something, whether it’s a gift or service, we have a phrase or keywords in mind. When we check the mail and scan it, the pieces of mail that stand out are ones that match what it is we’re looking for. When we search the Internet for a product or service, we have those same words and phrases in mind.

Keywords are just that. Words key to what it is we’re looking for. Consumers use keywords to find what they want. Normally keywords are used for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. But I tell businesses it transcends online marketing and SEO and also bleeds into direct marketing. Sales are made when consumers find what  it is they’re looking for after a they find something that triggers their memory of a keyword.

As you’re developing your marketing plan, think of words your consumer would use to find your product. This is a good time to reference your consumer profile to pin point those keywords. Then conduct keyword research (or contact Logic of Leads to do it for you). Pin point the keywords that will drive the most traffic to your site and convert to generate sales. Use these same keywords in your direct marketing strategy. You want to create consistent messaging both online and off.  Using consistent keywords is also good for branding.