Driving Social with Direct Marketing: Tips to Generate Leads

ID-100159299I don’t think any of us are surprised with the latest studies indicating that more and more people are using social media to find products and services. Entrepreneur reports that social media discovery is on the rise, up 25% from 2010.  The study conducted by Forrester Research also found that direct marketing is not dead. Companies are using direct marketing strategies to boost social media efforts.

This goes back to creating an integrated marketing strategy that includes direct marketing, social media, SEO, mobile, etc. Don’t just rely on one avenue of marketing to generate your sales.  I can’t stress enough the importance of creating an integrated marketing plan.  It’s far more efficient than previous strategies.

Here’s how to take create a direct marketing strategy that incorporates social media.

  • Include social media links in all emails
  • Include social media address in all direct marketing snail mail
  • Use the same messages for big campaigns in direct marketing efforts and social media
  • Host contests via social media and promote via direct marketing

Admittedly, marketing and reaching your consumers is difficult right now. Marketers need to create messaging across a variety of platforms to generate sales and leads.  The strategy of creating consistent messaging across all these platforms isn’t new. You just need to execute in such a way that increases conversions. To do that, you really need to know your consumer.


Tone to Generate Sales

Tone. It’s not just the sound you hear. In marketing, it’s the tone of voice, your point of view in your marketing collateral. It makes a big difference when you’re trying to connect with your market. Your tone can increase or decrease your sales. It can generate leads or leave your ROI in the negative. Finding that tone is just as important as knowing your audience. Actually, knowing what your audience prefers is part of that consumer profile we told you about. It’s important that your consumers can relate to you. One way they can do that is with tone.

The Funny

For the majority of SMBs dealing with B2C, consumers prefer humor. Don’t try to tell a joke in your email or direct marketing pieces. Instead, find scenarios your consumers would find funny and somehow connect that idea to your services if it’s appropriate. Know your consumer’s core needs and try to find humor in those areas.

  • For lawyers, it could be a humorous interpretation of the the other side -mocking them for trying to take advantage of your services.
  • Doctors can play on beating illness with patients laughing



Most consumers want to feel like they can have a conversation with you. They want to know that you value them as a loyal customer. You can communicate that level of security with a conversational tone. Create messages using words like “you” and “we.”


It’s really important that your company develops a consistent tone in all your marketing efforts. Use the same tone you use online in your direct marketing strategy. This will boost brand recognition. Don’t be afraid to use the same language and phrasing in both online and direct marketing collateral.

The Giveaway—Generating Leads with the Word “Free”

Generate leads with the word freeThere is one word that everyone loves. If someone tells you they don’t like this word, they aren’t being honest. The word is FREE. Giveaways help companies attract consumers by allowing them to sample your products and services.

Consumers are tighter with their dollar, but they still have high expectations. You are competing against a larger pool of companies offering the same products and services. Chances are, your competition is already offering something for free. Those companies are generating leads and most likely converting those leads into sales.

Every time you do a giveaway, you are collecting contact information. That information should go into a database. With that, you can create messaging and marketing material to generate sales from those leads.

Giveaways can include:

  • Sample product
  • Promotional material
  • Ebooks
  • Consultations
  • Services (minor services that won’t hurt your bottom line)

You don’t want to give away your most costly product or service. Look at your profit margin and pick something that doesn’t cost you too much to produce or complete.

Consultations are popular. Clients don’t want to hire someone and pay for a consult and then get the product or service. They want to know what you’re going to do before they hire you.

Ebooks are also in demand. People want information. They want to know that you are in fact an expert in your field and if your products or services are actually a good fit.

Once you’ve decided on a giveaway, get the word out with your direct marketing strategy, online marketing messaging, and word of mouth.