Driving Online and Foot Traffic

Many of you are local, brick and mortar businesses. You not only need to drive online traffic, but you need to drive foot traffic as well. Integrated online marketing strategy and direct marketing strategy is even more important. Now you should add mobile to that mix. We’ve talked a lot about relevant content. But how are you using this wonderful content you’re creating?



Most of the messages you create will go on your website. The core pages (homepage, services, about, contact) will be static, but you should also have a spot on the homepage that highlights news and promotions.

Make sure to list your website with Google Places and Yelp. These are popular sites people turn to find local businesses.

Direct Marketing

Any direct marketing mailings you use to generate sales should include messaging you have on your website. The promos, highlights, and especially keywords. Also include your website and social media urls.


Emails, like your other content, should be informative and relevant but more so here. Intermix blogs and articles combined with promotions. If you can, design your email so it mimics your website aesthetics. Make sure to include your physical address along with your website and social media urls.


You should have a mobile website. The easiest way to do that is with responsive web design, otherwise you’ll have to create one. Mobile sites should use the same keywords you use on your desktop site. The difference is that your mobile site content is condensed. Make your contact info (phone number and address, even a map) easy to find.

Also make sure you claim your business on FourSquare. Include a description, your phone number, hours of operation, website, and services. To drive more foot traffic, include a special to attract people to stop by.


Driving Social with Direct Marketing: Tips to Generate Leads

ID-100159299I don’t think any of us are surprised with the latest studies indicating that more and more people are using social media to find products and services. Entrepreneur reports that social media discovery is on the rise, up 25% from 2010.  The study conducted by Forrester Research also found that direct marketing is not dead. Companies are using direct marketing strategies to boost social media efforts.

This goes back to creating an integrated marketing strategy that includes direct marketing, social media, SEO, mobile, etc. Don’t just rely on one avenue of marketing to generate your sales.  I can’t stress enough the importance of creating an integrated marketing plan.  It’s far more efficient than previous strategies.

Here’s how to take create a direct marketing strategy that incorporates social media.

  • Include social media links in all emails
  • Include social media address in all direct marketing snail mail
  • Use the same messages for big campaigns in direct marketing efforts and social media
  • Host contests via social media and promote via direct marketing

Admittedly, marketing and reaching your consumers is difficult right now. Marketers need to create messaging across a variety of platforms to generate sales and leads.  The strategy of creating consistent messaging across all these platforms isn’t new. You just need to execute in such a way that increases conversions. To do that, you really need to know your consumer.

It is all about the “List” – Tips for Small Businesses

Small Business Marketing Tip – It is all about the “List”

I am sure all, and I mean “all” of us receive direct mail, many of us refer to as “junk mail”. Well it is junk because we don’t find them useful. Does this mean direct mail is a waste of time  and money for lead generation. Not really!

Direct mail is still a useful way of generating leads and sales. Google is one of the largest online business who still goes the route of “Direct Mail” to sell PPC or known as pay per click.

I have seen small business owners spend precious marketing dollars on direct mail with no one to advice them on how to go about doing it. For instance there is a better ROI if the direct mail is sent to 2000 addresses 5 times than sending 10,000 one time.

Even better if the list can be narrowed down to the ones that fit your business criteria. There is this montessori school in my neighborhood who keep sending me their flyer once a month and I have children aged 16 and 12. They must be sending this flyer to everyone in the zip code. For better results they can go to a list seller and ask for a list with criteria that suits their business. Now such a  list must be 10% of the current list they have but they will have better results for sure.

“The key to success is to “Segment” (focus/target) your lists for better results and ROI.”

Until next time, all the best with your marketing efforts, wishing you success.