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The Giveaway—Generating Leads with the Word “Free”

Generate leads with the word freeThere is one word that everyone loves. If someone tells you they don’t like this word, they aren’t being honest. The word is FREE. Giveaways help companies attract consumers by allowing them to sample your products and services.

Consumers are tighter with their dollar, but they still have high expectations. You are competing against a larger pool of companies offering the same products and services. Chances are, your competition is already offering something for free. Those companies are generating leads and most likely converting those leads into sales.

Every time you do a giveaway, you are collecting contact information. That information should go into a database. With that, you can create messaging and marketing material to generate sales from those leads.

Giveaways can include:

  • Sample product
  • Promotional material
  • Ebooks
  • Consultations
  • Services (minor services that won’t hurt your bottom line)

You don’t want to give away your most costly product or service. Look at your profit margin and pick something that doesn’t cost you too much to produce or complete.

Consultations are popular. Clients don’t want to hire someone and pay for a consult and then get the product or service. They want to know what you’re going to do before they hire you.

Ebooks are also in demand. People want information. They want to know that you are in fact an expert in your field and if your products or services are actually a good fit.

Once you’ve decided on a giveaway, get the word out with your direct marketing strategy, online marketing messaging, and word of mouth.


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