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Lead Generation Mistake 2: Copycat Marketing Plans

marketing planSo many companies fail to generate leads and wonder why what they’re doing isn’t working. We’ve talked about knowing your consumer. We’ve also talked about calls to action. Now let’s talk about your marketing plan.


Since your ultimate goal is to generate sales leads and sales, your marketing plan should work to make that happen. The problem is that companies blindly do things because they “hear” something works. We copy other company’s marketing plan and hope it works. Someone in your network tried  “A” and it increased their sales so you try it. You hear about a new trend so you try that too.


Not every marketing strategy will work for you like it does for others. You need to generate a custom lead generating marketing plan catered to your consumers and specific market that will generate those leads. That can be any marketing avenue available—direct marketing and/or online marketing. More importantly, it’s knowing how to harness those avenues to your advantage. It’s knowing how to craft direct marketing pieces that get noticed. It’s developing an online presence targeting your specific marketing with messaging that informs and converts.  Once you have those things figured out—a lead generation marketing plan is yours.


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