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The Offer

Have you ever glanced at an advertisement and wondered what it is you were being sold? One of the biggest mistakes companies make is not having a clear offer.  This is one of our tips you’ll find in our free download geared toward helping companies generate leads and most importantly, generate sales.

Whether you’re working through your direct marketing strategy or your online marketing plan, you need to focus on your customers and your offer. You’d be surprised how many companies don’t include the offer. It’s a pretty basic, simple part of advertising and marketing, but it’s also something easy to miss. Companies get so caught up on a new, creative, fresh idea that the actual offer that will generate sales somehow gets left out.

When you’re coming up with our direct marketing strategy and marketing plan in general, always have the offer in mind. If you’re brainstorming, put it on a whiteboard or stick it to the wall. It will help you include it in whatever creative idea you have.

The offer is fairly easy to include. The key is to keep things simple so your audience gets the message. Either literally put it in words or use an image.  Make sure it’s obvious.


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