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Generate Sales with Consumer Profiles

We’re all in business to make money. The reason we start our businesses is because we have a talent or product we think we can capitalize on. One mistake I see many businesses of all sizes make is focusing on their product or service instead of the consumer.

marketing plan with Logic of Leads

It’s understandable. You want to get to the word out about how greatness of your particular product or service. The problem with that is that you may not be marketing appropriately. You could be losing money on your efforts instead of generating sales.

Your focus should be consumers. They are ones who will make the all-important decision to convert.  Your marketing plan should be consumer driven, which will lead to strategies and methods that generate leads and sales.

Start with developing a consumer profile. This can be a formal file with all sorts of market research (which is advisable) or a bulleted list you have on hand as you develop your marketing plan.  Either way, here are some things your consumer profile can include:

  • Basic demographics: Sex, age, income, location
  • Problems your product and service would solve
  • Interests
  • Dislikes
  • Where your consumer gets their information
  • Mobile use

Aside from the basic demographic information, your focus should be the second bullet. Your marketing plan should focus on meeting a need or solving a problem. Consumers tend to shop out of need first. Whether it’s updating their wardrobe, gifts for family and friends, or needing to use their tax refund, the need is what prompts them to get online and start searching for solutions. You want to be that solution.

In order to generate leads and ultimately sales, you’ll also want to know where your consumer spends the most time. Do they spend time on their phones? Do they use social networks, and if so, which ones? Do they do a lot of research before they convert? Having answers to these questions will enable you to generate a marketing plan that will generate leads. Better yet, Logic of Leads can help develop that marketing plan and provide you with solutions to ensure you meet your marketing goals and generate sales.


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