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When Tragedy Strikes: Tactics to Generate Sales

For years, companies have used tragedy to their own benefit. They play on emotions and fears of victims and the general public. That may have worked and still may. We don’t advocate that. But we do advocate using tragedy to do something good. Turning a bad situation into something positive, as difficult and unfathomable as that sounds, will help generate sales and leads.

During times of tragedy like the #BostonMarathon bombings, people are flocking to social media outlets. They’re offering condolences, searching for updates on loved ones, and reaching out to victims. The majority of people, myself included, learned of this tragedy through social media.

Companies are also participating by offering condolences. That’s the first step to generating sales leads. Consumers prefer to work with companies who are “human.” They want to connect with companies who care about them, who see them as people rather than just sales number. One way to do that is to develop an online marketing and direct marketing strategy that shows your consumers you care. We advocate integrating both strategies so your messaging is consistent. Here are a couple of strategy ideas.

  • You can appear more “human” by offering your condolences in print and online.
  • Volunteer or donate funds to victims and survivors. It’s okay to publicize those efforts. It’s good PR. Let your consumers know you care.
  • Use similar verbiage in all your material (online and print) to maintain brand consistency.

When tragedy strikes, companies should get involved with their communities. By doing that, you’ll generate good will and that will lead to sales and leads.




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