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It is all about the “List” – Tips for Small Businesses

Small Business Marketing Tip – It is all about the “List”

I am sure all, and I mean “all” of us receive direct mail, many of us refer to as “junk mail”. Well it is junk because we don’t find them useful. Does this mean direct mail is a waste of time  and money for lead generation. Not really!

Direct mail is still a useful way of generating leads and sales. Google is one of the largest online business who still goes the route of “Direct Mail” to sell PPC or known as pay per click.

I have seen small business owners spend precious marketing dollars on direct mail with no one to advice them on how to go about doing it. For instance there is a better ROI if the direct mail is sent to 2000 addresses 5 times than sending 10,000 one time.

Even better if the list can be narrowed down to the ones that fit your business criteria. There is this montessori school in my neighborhood who keep sending me their flyer once a month and I have children aged 16 and 12. They must be sending this flyer to everyone in the zip code. For better results they can go to a list seller and ask for a list with criteria that suits their business. Now such a  list must be 10% of the current list they have but they will have better results for sure.

“The key to success is to “Segment” (focus/target) your lists for better results and ROI.”

Until next time, all the best with your marketing efforts, wishing you success.


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